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We use the Gymcontrol service for membership, bookings and payment of purchases.

We recommend you download the Gymcontrol app. If you do not use the app, you will go directly to our member page here.

Trial training: 
To book a trial training, you need to buy a trial training booked in our webshop

Once the purchase has been completed, you can log in to Gymcontrol with your email address and your date of birth to book your training. Booking is required.


We have gis to rent for the first practice if you don't have your own. We charge a fee of SEK 75. The gis are at our location at Frejgatan 26 where you can pick it up to rent before an evening class (we unfortulately cannot provide this service for morning trainings). There, you also pay the fee in the reception.

If you are new to the sport, the training called BJJ basic is the best suited. The passes named "advanced" can only be tried if you have a blue belt or higher. This is so that we can give you the best possible help, as well as to reduce the risk of injury for everyone in the training.

Come in good time before your training and we will help you on the spot.

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