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Brazilian jiu jitsu (or BJJ) is a martial art that evolved from judo. It is trained with a gi and focuses on throwing techniques and positions on the ground. It is a kind of wrestling, without kicks and punches, which is about advancing position to make the opponent give up through various joint locks. 


The sport can be practiced with a strive towards major championship competitions, to practice a fun and social sport to challenge oneself with, to move the body or for self-defense purposes. As the sport is very technical, it is equally suitable for girls and boys, older and younger. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can sometimes be associated with MMA, which is a martial art that mixes kicks and punches with takedowns and wrestling on the ground where BJJ is part of the training.

We also train without a gi, then the sessions are called no-gi or submission wrestling. Many of our members and instructors train both with and without gi.

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