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Beginner Saturday

An introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

This course suits you who are interested in trying Brazilian jiu jitsu and learning the basics of the sport. After completing the course, you will be ready to continue with the regular training on the schedule.

Our experience is that the step into a martial arts club can be tough, and that many who start the sport would like to have an opportunity to properly practice warm-up exercises and techniques in peace and quiet. This course includes two training sessions on Saturday and there is a limited number of places to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the course.

Price: SEK 1200
This includes 4 hours of training and the rental of a suit and belt. If you want to keep your costume after completing the course, you will be able to buy it from us for SEK 800 (regular price SEK 1400).




Pass 1: Saturday 10:00-12:00

Pass 2: Saturday 14:00-16:00

Strong jiu jitsu premises at Norrtullsgatan 20 in Stockholm
The nearest station is Odenplan

Elina Moestam Lindblad, Erik Friberg and Simon Immerstrand

Said about previous course:

"The beginner's weekend at Stark was exactly what I needed to feel more confident on the mat. Very well thought out days with everything you need to get started with BJJ. Thank you Elina and Erik for an educational and fun weekend!”

"Fantastic fun weekend that gave me a really nice introduction to the sport. The instruction cannot be classified as anything other than world class and it was a really nice atmosphere all weekend. Already at the first somersault, I realized that I had rather large, let's call it development potential, but Erik and Elina were both calm, clear and pedagogical in their instruction. For me, who works in an organization whose whole idea is pedagogy and works to some extent with pedagogy myself, it is something I am very picky about, but Elina and Erik even exceeded my expectations!

I believe that the basis of deep understanding, regardless of the subject, is to understand "why". Why do one thing and not another? Elina and Erik managed to create that understanding by, in addition to techniques and technique chains (returning to that later), going through the different positions that exist and the points system, which really gave a better understanding of the whole and why you try to get to different positions. 

The fact that we then had to learn technique chains, (ie do technique 1, which leads into technique 2, which leads into technique 3, etc.) also created a much better understanding of the movement pattern and why certain techniques look certain ways. At first you had trouble understanding how to do technique 1, but once you focused on trying to do technique 3, techniques 1 and 2 just flew by. 

Then jumping into a regular class was no problem, because I had partly had to go through the different movements during the warm-up, but I also had some technique chains to actually try during the class. 

In short, if you have the slightest thought about starting BJJ, I can warmly recommend the beginner's weekend!”



Black belt, elite manager for the Swedish BJJ national team

Erik Friberg

Black belt, head referee for Swedish competitions in BJJ

Simon Immerstrand


Black belt, referee at Swedish competitions in BJJ

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